Mentoring (30 minutes - R660)
Special offer: Book a mentoring session, and get one free!

Mentoring is a working relationship through which one person empowers and enables another by sharing their wisdom and resources. Typically a mentor will have personal experience in the area in which you choose to focus.

What is included

  • 30 minute conversation about your area of interest with clear outcomes
  • Agreement on what next steps you should take

How to choose a mentor
Look at the coach bios and select one who has experience in the field in which you are interested, eg Board, Marketing, Financial etc.


Coaching (60 minutes - R1299)
Special offer: Book a coaching session, and get one free!

Coaching is a process that enables learning and development to occur through providing new perspectives on an issue with which you are working and thus enables performance to improve.

What is included

  • 60 minute goal-directed conversation about where you are currently and where you would like to shift to
  • Agreement on next steps in order to move towards you goals

How to choose a coach
A coach is not required to have experience in your field of interest but is a partner to you as you explore ways in which to unlock even more of your potential.

Choose a coach whose bio resonates with you. All the coaches featured have extensive coaching qualifications and experience. It’s important also that you feel you can develop a trust relationship with the person whom you select.