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Executive Jobs - 11/15/2017


EOH RS046004x Draughtsman-
CRG000026/MPAccount Manager
CRG000026/MPAccount Manager
ActDirActive Directory and Messaging Engineer
WP000202/FaithAgile Project Administrator
PS006787/TRArea ManagerSales
EOH RS04602BA (Product Owners)-
EOH RS04607BAU DevOps ?? 6 vacancies-
AIM943Branch Manager Polokwane
AIM 955Branch Manager Port Elizabeth
Mapule/LebohangBrand Manager (African only)
JHB000425/GSBusiness Development Healthcare Consulting and AdvisoryService industry
dpt.bcm123Business Marketing Manager Africa
EOH RS04611Call Centre Agent-
NFC016951/NvAChief Financial OfficerFinance
JHB005524/RHCivil EngineerEngineering
JHB000143/NMClaims Administration SupervisorInsurance
JHB000142/TMClaims Administration SupervisorInsurance
CPT000297/BGClinical Application Specialist( Radiographer, Clinical Thechnology, Registered Nurse etc - Laser EquipmentMedical / healthcare / life sciences
DUR001187/KSCommercial AnalystFinance
PTA013536/CACommercial Attorney-prof-legal
17087/001_1510752443Competition Lawyer-prof-legal
Fiona/TanushaCompliance Monitoring Specialist
Fiona/TanushaCompliance Officer Investment Banking
FWS001270/PHCustomer Service Team LeaderEngineering
EOH RS04601Data Modeller-
EOH RS04613DC Site Ops Manager FMCG Logistics-
GP000161/VickyDevelopment specialist
Jen- 58 - 2017EE Senior SAM specialist / Actuary
EL001390/GlyniElectrical EngineerGovernment parastatal / public sector
JHB002203/CFField EngineerTelecommunications
NFC003983/NSiFinancial AccountantFinance
NWF001525/BGrFinancial AccountantFinance
CPM036521/NDFinancial Analyst
NFU000331/LvdMFinancial AnalystFinance
CPM036519/AHuFinancial Controller
NFS003037/KvdWFinancial Controller
Fiona/TanuFinancial Crime Risk Specialist
CPM036518/SPuFinancial Manager
CPM036518/SPuFinancial Manager
CTF007737/LAFinancial Manager
CTF007740/CCa Financial Manager
NFS003035/KvdWFinancial ManagerFinance
CTF007740/CCa Financial Manager
CSR016729/JC Financial Manager
CPM036522/NDFinancial Manager
CPM036522/NDFinancial Manager
NFU000332/LvdMFinancial ManagerFinance
NWF001522/NMaFinancial ManagerFinance
NFC016949/CvNFinancial Manager-
EOH RS04605Front End Devs (Angular, Java)-
EOH RS04604Full Stack / Back End Devs (.Net)-
CV_MDGeneral Manager - Freight Forwarding backgroundLogistics / supply chain management / distribution
JHB001107/AGrant AccountantMedical / healthcare / life sciences
NFC016957/TSmGroup Accountant
Group Africa Busines..Group Africa Business Development Manager
NFS003036/KvdWHead of FinanceFinance
JHB002537/DMHead of Quality and HSE
NWF001520/KWiInternal Auditor-prof-auditing, tax & accounting
2017JDJava Developer
CER005803/KMJava Tech Lead
Ins007783/MKKey Account ManagerSales
PS006790/VLKey Account Manager - Eastern and Southern AfricaSales
DW98Large Volume Parenteral Manager - PE - EE post
CPT000291/NPLEGAL ADVISER-prof-legal
linuxengLinux System Engineer
CPM036516/AHuManagement Accountant
CPM036517/LMManagement Accountant
JHB005521/LdPManager Maintenance - Port Elizabeth Task Grade 12
CV_GM_UAEManaging Director of Company: Freight Forwarding - DubaiLogistics / supply chain management / distribution
EOH RS04535Manual Test Anlyst (3010)-
17125/001_1510754957Mechanical Engineer-engineering-mechanical
EOH RS04609Mobile developers (Android) ?? 3 vacancies-
EOH RS04610Mobile developers (iOS) ?? 3 vacancies-
JHB005514/LdPNew Business Development HOD (Exec level)Medical / healthcare / life sciences
PE9Plant Financial Controller (Maufacturing)
NWF001527/YClPlant Management AccountantFinance
PS006631/TRProduct Manager - Medical DevicesSales
JHB002535/HDFProduction Planner
JHB000133/ZProduction Support AnalystInformation technology (it)
CTE017593/NHeProfessional Bridge Engineer
CTE017593/NHeProfessional Bridge Engineer
AMPMOPMProgramme ManagerTelecommunications
JHB001106/AProgramme Manager:Clinical ServicesMedical / healthcare / life sciences
RTB000365/WHProject Administrator-service-business service
PE000117/CSProject Manager
EOH RS04608QA / Automation Testers ?? 6 vacancies-
JHB005520/LJQA Manager SABS ISO 9001:2008-
JHB000313/BCRegional Quality Manager: SAF/WAFEngineering
CTE017592/CvdBRoads Executive
CTE017592/CvdBRoads Executive
JHB005525/LJSafety Manager - SMPP/Pipelines/MiningMedical / healthcare / life sciences
17120/001_1510738567Sales Design & Proposal Manager-electronics
EOH RS04599Senior BI Developer-
ITE001668/NKSenior C# developer
CER005793/BSimSenior C# Developer
CER005794/BSimSenior C# Developer
JHB000426/GSSenior C# DeveloperInformation technology (it)
JHB003465/KoketSenior C#.Net DeveloperInformation technology (it)
Kg125Senior Contracts Manager (Civil Infrastructural Construction)
NFP004191/BGoSenior Financial AnalystFinance
NWF001509/OMiSenior Internal Auditor-prof-auditing, tax & accounting
CFS000249/FCSenior Internal Auditor-prof-auditing, tax & accounting
NWF001521/KWiSenior IT Auditor-prof-auditing, tax & accounting
CTE017597/CvdBSenior Roads Engineer
CTE017597/CvdBSenior Roads Engineer
4012Site Agent:Commercial Building.Large Projects experience
CER005798/KMSnr Java Developer
TP2005509/RKgSourcing Specialist-
EOH RS04603Srcum Master (1511)-
TP2005512/NNaSupply Chain ManagerLogistics / supply chain management / distribution
CT000616/EMTemp Contract - Office Manager-service-business service
EOH RS04614Transport Management System - Manager-
vmwareVMWARE Engineer
CTE017594/NHeWaste Water Engineer / Technologist
CTE017594/NHeWaste Water Engineer / Technologist
windowsengWindows System Engineer